Hey, "The Leftovers" fans. We've got a little something from HBO this week for the upcoming episode 7 of the current season 3. It's not much though. At some point, we're going to see Kevin trying to assume some other form of identity while he's on a special mission of mercy. This is the second to last episode of this season which is actually the last season of the series. We have HBO's official press release by way of Spoiler TV to thank for this very short synopsis scoop.

The Most Powerful Man

They also decided to give this installment a super long title by naming it: "The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother).” See, I told you it's super duper long.

I'm not sure if it references anything about the storyline that they gave us. However, it may address some issues that will be going down in the many other storylines that HBO refused to give up in this press release. I wouldn't doubt it because, by the looks of this, they refused to give up a super whole lot.

Mercy journey

Anyways, getting into the main plot summary or description for this one, they tell us that Kevin is going to decide to go on a very special mission that they're calling a "mission of mercy." What will this mission of mercy entail? Who needs the mercy? These are a couple of unanswered questions for this particular situation. As mentioned before, this description is super vague so they didn't supply any other details about it.

All we know is that Kevin is going on this mission.

Good idea

They did tell us one other thing about it by revealing that Kevin is going to think that it's a good idea to use an alternate identity while he works this supposed mission so that's what he ends up doing. The big questions for this situation is what alternate identity will Kevin decide to try and pull off?

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Will he do it successfully? Or will he totally get freaking caught? Again, there are no other details about it so we're going to have to wait around and tune in to get those very important questions answered. I'm more than sure it will give us some pretty interesting scenes to look forward to.

Also, it's highly possible that we might catch a glimpse of some of the storylines in action in the new preview clip that we expect HBO to release after episode 6 gets done airing later on tonight.

You guys will definitely want to be on the lookout for that one because the preview clips usually deliver more intel than these press releases.

They also revealed some production credits. They brought in the writing team of: Nick Cuse and Damon Lindelof to write the script for this installment. They got Craig Zobel to come on and direct it. One last thing. We can officially confirm that episode 7 will indeed be airing next Sunday night, May 28th,2017 at 9 pm eastern standard time on HBO. Stay tuned.