Hey, "The Leftovers" fans. It's another Sunday morning, which means I have some brand new, official spoiler teasers from HBO to share with you guys. These are for the next episode 3 of season 3. They gave us a pretty interesting-sounding storyline teaser for this one as Kevin gets a vision that causes him to wander around the Australian Outback in an effort to rescue the world from a possible apocalyptic situation!

"Crazy Whitefella Thinking" is what they've named it

HBO also revealed what the show's producers titled this installment. It is called: "Crazy Whitefella Thinking." According to their plot summary for this episode, we're going to see the timeline, getting close to the big anniversary of when all the folks got raptured and departed.

At some point, Kevin is going to get a vision that they say, could either be a divine prophecy or absolute and utter insanity. The big question, here, is: will the prophecy be insane? Or will it have some truth to it? They didn't reveal if that's the case in the description, so we'll definitely have to wait to find that out when this thing airs.

From going down in flames

Next, they gave us a second storyline for this one, which also involves Kevin. Apparently, this is his reaction to the vision he saw. It turns out that it's going to have him, wandering about in the great Australian Outback area, looking to keep the world from going down in flames from this possible apocalypse that may or may not be coming.

Will Kevin's efforts be in vain? Or will all this Australian wandering actually help out in rescuing the entire world? Those will, no doubt, be the big questions for this particular storyline. Hopefully, we'll get some more details about his situation in the new preview clip that we expect HBO to release later on, tonight, after they get done airing the 2nd episode of the season.

You guys will definitely want to keep an eye out for that clip. It should get posted up on Youtube a couple of hours after the episode 2 airing. If you're watching the show when it actually airs on TV, you should be able to see it, immediately following the episode.

The press release also revealed some production intel. The writing team of: Damon Lindelof & Tom Spezialy delivered the script for this episode, and Mimi Leder directed it.

Lets all give them a round of applause for their efforts. Alright, so that's all the teasers that HBO would give up for this one. However, we're sure that there will be a lot of other scenes featured in this. It sounds like the whole Kevin storyline will be the main one to look out for, though.

One last thing. They also confirmed that episode 3 is definitely scheduled to arrive on the air next Sunday night, April 30th,2017 at 9pm eastern standard time. Stay tuned.