After what seems like forever, "Rick and Morty" Fans can rejoice. Season 2 ended back in 2015 and loyal viewers have been waiting for almost two years for another season of their beloved show. Now, things are coming together and episode one of season 3 has already been released. April 1, 2017, was a huge day for the fandom and when it was announced a new episode would be airing, but everyone believed it to be a joke. After all, it was April Fool's Day.

Season 3 of 'Rick and Morty' release announced

According to Mobi Picker, the new season of "Rick and Morty" will be released this summer.

An exact date hasn't been given, but a ballpark answer is good enough for fans who were worried that their show wouldn't return at all. It airs on Adult Swim, which confirms it is more of an adult cartoon than anything else. It is highly appealing to those overseas, with the fandoms outside of the United States being significantly larger than those based here. Summer is just a month away from today, which means "Rick and Morty" could be released in as little as 30 days from now.

This cartoon is a phenomenon of sorts. A goofy little cartoon that has millions of people anxiously tuning in for a laugh. While some of the things (a lot of them) are of a vulgar nature, it is made for adults. Several of the things they say and do will go over the heads of children, but it is truly better if they are not watching it alongside their parents or older siblings.

Details about Season 3 have been contradicting, though some of the leaks have fans incredibly interested in what's to come. The release of "Rick and Morty" is just around the corner and as the days pass by, fans are closer to watching the next installment of their favorite show.

Adventures of "Rick and Morty"

Fans of the show already know the absurdities that go along with it.

From binge drinking to shooting feces in places it doesn't belong, the new season is going to be full of bad decisions and gross adventures. Tuning in will give you the satisfaction of laughs and head shakes. Once an actual date is released with more information, fans will go wild. Right now, there is some reservation because while summer 2017 is more information then fans have had in a while, it still isn't a locked date.

As the fans gear up for the summer 2017 release of the rest of "Rick and Morty" Season 3, the anticipation is growing. Hopefully, the writers live up to what the fans are expecting, especially with the long hiatus.