Last week, the announcement came that an Indian remake of the classic Sylvester Stallone "Rambo" franchise is coming and they have cast the man to replace Stallone in the lead role. Tiger Shroff ("Baaghi", "Heropanti") has signed on to play the action character in the new movie and said he has the utmost respect for Sylvester and hopes to honor the role of Rambo in this version of the movie.

The new Indian 'Rambo' movie

The new Bollywood version of "Rambo" will see the action and story move to India. Tiger Shroff will star as Rambo, the last surviving member of an elite covert Indian Armed Forces unit who returns home.

When he gets back home, he sees that there is a war raging there and he is forced into the jungles and mountains of the Himalayas. It is here that Rambo is forced to become the unstoppable machine he has to be to survive while unleashing his own forms of destruction fighting back.

From the sound of the new "Rambo" synopsis, the movie sounds like a mixture of the movie "First Blood," the original Sylvester Stallone Rambo movie, and the latter films where he is involved in actual wars for the United States. Returning home to find himself ostracized is straight out of the first movie but the fighting in a war is where the next three Stallone movies led the character.

Tiger Shroff on playing Rambo

Tiger Shroff has huge shoes to step into but he has made sure to emphasize that he in no way wants anyone to think he is trying to replace Sylvester Stallone. Shroff said that he is a martial artist and a huge action movie fan since he was a child and he is grateful for the opportunity to take on this role.

He said that he has been preparing for this chance since he was a child and takes it as an honor.

Siddharth Anand will direct Tiger Shroff in the new "Rambo" movie and also said that he sees this remake as an honor. Anand said that he grew up looking at characters like Sylvester Stallone as a hero. Anand said that Indian cinema has no heroes like Rambo right now and this is a perfect time to return one as great as Rambo into the world.

Sylvester Stallone gives his blessing

Sylvester Stallone spoke out about the movie when he took to Instagram on Friday and posted that he heard that they were remaking "Rambo" in India. He said that it was a great character and he hopes they "don't wreck it." That sounded harsh but then Stallone came out and said that he didn't mean the comments to sound so harsh.Tiger Shroff responded with humbleness and responded to Sylvester by saying he hopes he doesn't let him down.

Sylvester Stallone then made an official comment and said people were reading into his words and twisting them. When it comes to "Rambo," Stallone said that he loves it when a young artist like Tiger Shroff gets a chance to go for his dreams and wished the actor luck and told him to fight the good fight.