Hey, "Designated Survivor" peeps. It sounds like things are going to get quite hectic and disappointing for Kirkman in this next episode 20 of season 1. ABC delivered the official spoiler scoops in their recent press release for the episode, so we definitely have them to thank for this new intel. The reason why things will get hectic for Kirkman, is because of some crazy article drama that gets published. We're also going to see former Nikita star, Maggie Q, show back up as Hanna Wells, and she will be quite busy, finding out the next target for the conspiracy!


The production crew decided to call this installment: "Bombshell." I think that's in reference to the wild intel that this article, which derails Kirkman, will reveal. They began their official description by making sure that they put , in all capital letters, that President Kirkman's first international summit is certainly going to get derailed at some point, so I would definitely be looking for this to be the main plotline for this one.

Explosive article

They went on to let us know a little bit more about it by telling us that journalist, Abe Leonard, is going to be the culprit in all of this mess, because he's going to publish a article that they are describing as being: "explosive." So much, in fact, that it will serve to totally ruin the President's very first international summit event.

Will the President be able to recover from this very bad situation? Or will he just let it totally screw him over? What explosive things will this crazy article reveal? Those are the huge questions for this storyline. Unfortunately, we didn't get any extra intel on it, so it looks like we'll just have to wait for this one to air.

Have her hands full

Next, we learn what Hanna will be up to. Apparently, she's going to have her hands full, locating exactly what or who the next target will be for the whole conspiracy plot that's going on. What will Hanna do with this very valuable piece of information? Will she just keep it to herself? Hopefully, we'll get an answer to those burning questions in this episode.

The one thing that we can be certain of, is that this storyline is going to give us some pretty intriguing scenes to look forward to. The episode was written Sang Kyu Kim, and Sharat Raju handled the directing duties.

Conversation with a new character

Alright, that's all ABC was willing to give up in their press release. However, they did reveal some official photos for this episode. We've included one of them (above). It features a new look at Kirkman, having a conversation with a new guest character, played by actress: Sonia Dhillon Tully. They're at some big meeting in this scene, and took some time out to chit chat. It should be interesting to see what they have to say. We can confirm that episode 20 is set to hit the airwaves next Wednesday night, May 10th,2017 at 9pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.