Hey, "Bold and the Beautiful" fans, we've got some interesting things going on with Brooke and Ridge in the upcoming week, as Ridge attempts to give Brooke an offer that is contingent on her not marrying Bill. There's also going to be some heartbreak with Zende and Nicole when some really bad news gets thrown in their direction. RJ and Coco will have a chit-chat session about Bill at some point, and more. We have CBS to thank for these spoiler scoops by way of Soaps.com.

More upset

On Monday's episode, Thomas is going to be in for a bit of a surprise when it comes to Ridge, because Ridge is going to be more upset with him than he originally anticipated.

How will Thomas handle all this surprising anger from Ridge? Will they be able to work things out? Those are the big questions for that situation.

Next, Brooke will be in action in one of the scenes, as she's going to be busy reacting to a very angry vow Bill made to put Spectra Fashions out of business. What will Brooke's big reaction be? One thing's for sure, we should get a very interesting scene from this particular storyline.

Huge leap

On Tuesday, we're going to see Quinn in action. We assume that Brooke might be in this same scene too, as they tell us that Quinn will be wanting her to be very sure about her feelings for Ridge before she makes the huge leap of tying the knot with Bill. Will she heed her advice?

We'll certainly have to tune in and see, because that scenario is going to be pretty long and drawn out.

Next up, we've got a scene that will go down between RJ and Coco. Apparently, they will engage in an intense conversation regarding Bill, though, the content of the discussion will have to remain a mystery for now.

Ultimatum activity

On Wednesday, we're going to see the offer that will only take effect if Brooke calls off her wedding plans with Bill. What is this major offer that Ridge is serving up? Will Brooke actually accept it?

In the second storyline, Quinn is in action again, trying to pull off some type of move that she hopes will help her set things right.

Will she be able to pull it off? And will it actually have the desired effect? Hopefully we'll see those questions get answered very soon.

Waiting around

Thursday is going to feature a very interesting situation that includes both Bill and Ridge. Apparently, they're going to be waiting around to find out which one of them Brooke is going to finally decide to be with. Who will she choose? There's no doubt that that's the big question for this one.

We'll also be seeing the very sad situation with Zende and Nicole take place in this one, as they'll get that very bad news that we mentioned in our opening statement. What is this crazy bad news going to be? That's the big question.

Moving forward

Lastly, the week will end with the big Friday, May 19th episode.

In it, we'll apparently be seeing Brooke move forward with whatever she has decided, and be totally confident with that decision. So, it sounds like we won't have to wait around long to see who she finally picks. We're also going to see Maya and Rick in action, making big plans to fly off to Paris. But first, they're going to ask Zende and Nicole to do them a huge favor. What will it be? And will they agree to do it? Stay tuned.