"General Hospital" is going to begin airing the Nurses Ball on Monday. This is something fans are looking forward to because it provides fun for all. Invented in 1994, the Nurses Ball was designed to bring HIV awareness to all. "General Hospital" was a leader in making an HIV storyline front and center using Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) and Stone Cates (Michael Sutton). He infected her through their sexual relationship and though he died, Robin has carried on the legacy of fighting the disease and being a part of the Nurses Ball every year.

What happens at the Nurses Ball

Each year, "General Hospital" gets a sponsor for the Nurses Ball.

The advertising will be heavy during the commercial breaks and this year, it is Burts Bees who will be plastered all over the stage. According to Soap Opera Digest, "General Hospital" star Lynn Herring said this ball is one of the best and is definitely better than last year. Fans are gearing up for chaos because there are a few storylines that will be coming to a head as the Nurses Ball progresses.

The performances are supposed to be some of the best. Lynn Herring plays Lucy Coe and she has been a staple at every single Nurses Ball on "General Hospital." She mentioned that the opening and closing acts will be something special, and fans should be excited. There are high hopes that Magic Milo and his team of hotties will be performing as well as Dr.

Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) and her amazing singing voice.

Which "General Hospital" storylines will be wrapped up?

The Chimera Project will be front and center at the "General Hospital" Nurses Ball with Jake (Hudson West) being the star. Rumors have circulated that his magic act will unleash poison and Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) will be affected. This is going to weigh heavily on Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) because he sold the DVX project to Helena (Constance Towers) several years prior.

As his daughter's life may hang in the balance, there will be a lot of questions. Alex (Finola Hughes) will reveal to Anna (Finola Hughes) why she is in Port Charles, and answers will be given. Was Faison (Andres Hove) involved or was it strictly because Anna attempted to visit Alex in London?

The Nurses Ball will air on "General Hospital" through Wednesday with the height of the action happening toward the end.

This is going to be an event fans won't want to miss and a special guest will be making his "General Hospital" debut on the red carpet.

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