Hey, "Young And The Restless" peeps. It sounds like we're going to see some very interesting stuff go down with Billy and Victoria, at some point, when she tries to hatch a plot that's designed to get Billy back, and more in the upcoming May 15th to May 19th week. We're also going to see some drama take place with Victor and Chelsea, because she's going to really want Victor to be straight up with her about some questions she has. These storyline spoiler scoops are supplied by CBS by way of Soaps.com

Main center of attention

To get this session started, we'll begin with the Monday, May 15th episode stuff.

It turns out that we're going to see Lily be quite busy at some point, as they tell us that she's really going to find herself to be the main center of attention. They kept things pretty vague with that one, so that's all we know about that situation.

Next, we'll be seeing the stuff that we mentioned about Victoria. She's going to be busy, trying to cook up a master plan ,of sorts, that she hopes will get Billy back. What in the hell is she going to come up with? And will it ultimately work? These are the big questions for this particular storyline. Hopefully, we'll see the results of her big plot, sooner rather than later. Alright, that wraps up the storyline scoops for Monday's installment. However, we're quite sure there will be more scenes in this hour-long show.

The hotel clerk

Next, we've got the Tuesday, May 16th episode scoops. We're going to see Anthony, the hotel clerk, in action, as they tell us that he is going to have a big meet-up with a Brash & Sassy gang in Hollywood. Will this be a good meeting? Or will things completely go awry for him?

In the Wednesday, May 17th episode, they tell us that we're going to see a pretty interesting-sounding scene that will involve Devon and Neil.

Apparently, they're going to end up, closing a deal at some point. They didn't mention what this deal entails, so that's our big question mark for this scenario.

Working together

Hilary and Howard Green will also be in a scene. It's going to go down in Hollywood. They tell us that these two are going to be working together on something. Hilary will also get another scene that will involve real-life "The Talk" host, Julie Chen.

They say that she's Hilary's idol, and that she'll get to meet her, so that should make for a pretty lively scene.

Now, on to the big Thursday, May 18th episode. It's going to feature the Chelsea and Victor action that we mentioned earlier. She's definitely going to want some answers out of him. Will he give them up? Or leave her hanging? Also, at some point, we're going to see an entrepreneur, named Zack, show up in Genoa City. They didn't tell us what he'll be up to, so we'll definitely be interested in finding that out.

Seeking out Jack

Finally, they gave us one storyline scooper for the week-ending Friday, May 19th episode. Nikki will be in action in this scene. Apparently, she's going to have an issue that will have her considering, seeking out Jack for help.

Will she actually go through with it? And will he help her? Hopefully, they'll answer those questions before they wrap for the week. We'll see. Stay tuned.

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