Happy Friday, "Days Of Our Lives" fans. We've got some pretty big May 15th to May 19th storyline spoilers to share with you guys, straight from the wonderful NBC folks. Apparently, we're going to see a big chase take place in Greece when Paul and Sonny try to hunt Deimos down. Then, there's going to be a situation where Chad decides to make Gabi privy to everything that's going on with this crazy Amulet. John and Marlena will share a very emotional moment, and more.

Pursuit of him

Of course, the week will start with Monday's big, opening episode.

It will involve the drama that will be going down with Sonny and Paul. As we mentioned earlier, they're going to take off for Greece with the hope of tracking down Deimos, as they tell us that they will be in pursuit of him. Will they end up accomplishing their goal? Or will Deimos manage to keep eluding them? Those are the big questions for this scenario, and something tells me that it may drag out for at least a few episodes. We'll see.

Huge decision

Next up, we've got another, single scoop for Tuesday's May 16th installment. It's going to feature Jennifer and Abigail in a pretty interesting scene, as they let us know that Abigail is going to attempt to explain to her why she made the huge decision that she made.

Will Jennifer accept her reasoning? Or just spit it in her face? Hopefully we'll see that scene play out in its entirety.

In Wednesday's May 17th episode, they decided to be generous and give us two scoops. The first one lets us know that Deimos is going to run into some problems as they tell us that his whole plan is just going to fall apart, and that this will be due to what Xander decides to pull.

He's going to show up with an entire new list of demands. What will all these demands entail? And will Deimos be able to get his plan back on track? It doesn't sound like he will, but we'll certainly see.

Emotional reunion

Then in this second scoop, we'll be seeing the Marlena and John scene that we talked about earlier. Apparently, things will get quite emotional between these two as NBC explains that they're going to share a big, emotional reunion at some point.

Now, it's time to go over Thursday's May 18th episode. In this one, we're going to see the interesting Chad and Gabi scene that we described in the beginning of this article. Yeah, at some point, we're going to see Chad think that it's okay to let Gabi know everything that's going down with this amulet business, so he will tell her. Is this going to be a bad idea? Or will it turn into a good situation? Unfortunately, they didn't reveal any other details about this conversation, so we're going to have to wait it out until this episode airs to see what happens.

Blurt out the truth

Lastly, the week will end with Friday's big May 19th episode, and they tell us that we're going to see something pretty interesting go down with Theo and Ciara, as he's going to decide to blurt out the truth to her. How will she react? Stay tuned.