Hey, "Blindspot" folks. It's time to go over these new spoiler scoops for the upcoming episode 12 of the current season 2. We got about two, big storyline reveals from the FOX crew by way of Futoncritic.com, and these sound very serious and possibly quite life threatening when the team tries to consider a big undercover operation of a really dangerous biker gang after they discover a strange tattoo.

It all starts with the tattoo

The official press release also revealed what this installment is labeled: They're calling it: "Devil Never Even Lived." Oh, how I wish that were true.

Anyways, lets dig in a little deeper into this crazy synopsis. They made sure to put in all-caps that "undercover with a biker gang" is definitely the theme for this one.

However, next we find out a little bit more about how this all gets set up. At some point, the team is going to come across or discover a very strange or unusual tattoo. They will apparently, launch a deeper investigation into the tattoo, and it's going to lead them back to none other than Jane's brother, Roman. There's no doubt that this discovery definitely makes things more interesting for the crew.

The big decision talk

Next, we learn that since the mark was tracked back to Roman, they will start contemplating whether or not it's a good idea to send him in undercover to infiltrate a biker gang that is described as being extremely dangerous!

So, I guess the major questions with this big scenario, is will they go ahead with the plan? Or will they just back it up a bit and try to figure out a different way to take down this gang? I'd probably put my money on them actually going through with it, because no one wants to see a boring and safe episode. They want to see lots of danger and intrigue, which is what we'll definitely get if they send Roman in there.

Alright, guys. That is going to do it for our big spoiler reveals for this session. However, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the new promo/spoiler clip that I'm sure FOX is going unleash after episode 11 finishes up, tonight. One other thing. We can also confirm that the new episode 12 is ,indeed, set to air next Wednesday night, January 18th,2017 at 7pm central time on FOX. Stay tuned.