blindspot” is on tonight and picks up with season 2, episode 10 “Nor I, Nigel, AKA Leg in Iron” with Archie Panjabi and Jaimie Alexander. Here are spoilers for the winter premiere to get you ready for the Wednesday, January 4th episode of the hit NBC show. Plus the show is on at a new time.

Aftermath of the explosion

“Blindspot” season 2, episode 9 left us with a huge explosion and many cliffhangers. Reade survives his injuries but his mind is more broken than his body. He wakes in the hospital with Zapata by his side. Show creator Martin Gero says Reade's behavior, “becomes insanely reckless and dangerous and self-harming." Wow.

The scars of childhood abuse run deep.

Zapata, Jane, and Weller are all back at work looking stressed but not seriously injured despite their ordeal trying (and failing) to take down Sandstorm. They get a lead that takes them to Loui’s diner, but what will they find there? Roman? Patterson?

Borden vs Patterson

Also on the fall finale, Patterson discovered she had been sleeping with the enemy as Borden was revealed as the Sandstorm mole. They struggled for the gun and a shot went off. Showrunner Gero gave hints to TV Guide that both characters survive but this is a mess. Jane is deep into Borden’s history and was, in a way, responsible for him joining Sandstorm. After Patterson and Borden struggle, she goes missing and the team races to find her before Shepherd can get to her mole and his captive.

The Roman problem

Jane decided in the heat of the moment to use ZIP on Roman to try and save him from their maniacal adoptive mother. Roman will also be on the loose in episode 10 and Jane is desperate to locate her brother before Shepherd gets to him.

Jane will recover her brother and sees him as having a future as an FBI operative like her. The problem is, he’s a known terrorist and no one wants to let him have their back. When Jane was dosed with ZIP, she emerged compassionate and brave. How will Roman turn out? Maybe not so good.

Blindspot is on tonight at 8 pm on NBC. Note that’s a different time slot – it was two hours later at 10 pm back in the fall, but the peacock is shaking things up with a major time shift.