“Arrow” season 5 is currently on break as the cast and crew take a break. The next episode is titled “Dangerous Liaisons,” one that will expectedly kick off a citywide manhunt for the villainous “Prometheus/ Adrian Chase” portrayed by Josh Segarra.

Chase has been a proverbial thorn to Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and most probably saw how he almost broke. He was able to come back to his senses in the last episode titled “Disbanded,” helped a lot by the effort of technology. This was in reference to the video capture segment that showed Adrian Chase dressed as “Prometheus.”

Do numbers really matter?

Looking ahead, team Arrow seems to have more than enough to battle one man.

Unfortunately, it has now become more than just showing off individual skills with Chase playing the mind games on Queen. Based on the script, Chase did his homework and knows the whole life story of Oliver Queen.

However, that doesn’t mean the “Green Arrow” will not be seeking help. “Bratva” was brought into the mix in the last episode though it brought in complications than solutions to Star City. Looking ahead, executive producer Wendy Mericle mentioned that there could be more dark allies joining the cause.

“Deathstroke” returning?

No names were expectedly mentioned though “Deathstroke/ Slade Wilson” could be one of them. Each episode includes some flashes of Ollie’s past so there are many to other characters who could suddenly crop up.

For those who are unfamiliar with “Deathstroke,” he is the same man who killed Ollie’s mother. That idea alone seems crazy but uncanny alliances seem to be the theme as of late for the “Green Arrow.”

A tip could be the fact that the season finale won’t be in Star City. With Oliver Queen seeking help from people in the past, the places he could end up in the remaining episodes could dictate who will be appearing and aligning to lend team Arrow a helping hand.

For those who have followed "Arrow" since season 1, hooked viewers may want to recall those characters who may eventually re-emerge in the remaining episodes.

After “Dangerous Liaisons,” there will be only four more episodes before the big finale. It will reportedly be an “explosive” ending so the psychological part could see a cast being killed off.

If not, it could be another costly ending for Queen, a familiar tune as previous seasons.

If so, expect the finale to plant some seeds, including the possible new threat that the “Green Arrow” and company will have to deal with next season.