Hey, "Arrow" peeps. Welcome back from the long break. We've got a few, official spoiler scoops for you that reveal a little of what's going down in the upcoming episode 20 of season 5. CW was kind enough to offer up an informative press release for the episode, which gives away two, very intense storylines that we'll be seeing. We've got a very intense bunker situation, happening with Oliver and Felicity at some point. Then we'll see some heavy drama go down between Diggle and Lyla when they have to confront their marital problems.

It's called: "Underneath"

They decided to go ahead and label this 20th installment: "Underneath." That's pretty simple, right? Anyways, they began their plot summary by really emphasizing, in all caps, that we'll definitely be seeing Oliver and Felicity get trapped! So, it sounds like this could be the storyline that gets the most attention in this one.

Really intense

They went on to tell us a little bit more about it by explaining that things are going to get really intense when Oliver and Felicity get trapped in a bunker together at some point. How intense will things get between these two? What will it lead to? Those are the big questions for this storyline. They were pretty short with their descriptions, so they didn't give us any other intel about it, which means will either have to wait until the episode actually airs to see how it all plays out, or maybe we might catch a glimpse of it in the preview clip that we expect the CW to drop after episode 19 wraps up later on, tonight.

Try to figure out

Next, they got into the Lyla and Diggle storyline, letting us know that these two will be very busy, trying to figure out what exactly in the hell are they going to do about their current marital issues. Will they be able to come to a solution? Or will things continue to get even worse between them? Those are the burning questions for this situation.

Hopefully, they'll get answered in this episode. It does sound like it'll certainly give us some very high drama scenes to look forward to. Episode 20 was directed by Wendey Stanzler, and the writing team, consisting of: Wendy Mericle & Beth Schwartz, delivered the script.

With a 23 episode order from the CW, this season is definitely coming to a close in a few, short weeks.

We've got the finale date, set to land on May 24th,2017, and we've got some good news, because it's only going to be all new episodes from here on out. No more breaks, whatsoever. And there is an early confirmation from the CW that a brand new season 6 has been greenlit, so you guys can expect to get even more action to come for yet another year. The next episode 20, is due to show up next Wednesday night, May 3rd,2017 at 7pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.