With James Comey now out as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Donald Trump has come under fire for his decision. While many critics have spoken out, none have been as consistently vocal across social media as actor George Takei.

Takei on Trump

When Donald Trump first announced that he was running for president back in June 2015, it was obvious from the start that he wouldn't be on the same page as the more left-leaning Hollywood. The majority of celebrities have spoken out against the former host of "The Apprentice," using their popularity to motivate the American people to push back against the agenda coming from the White House.

Despite their best efforts, Trump was able to weather the storm of Hollywood criticism and become the 45th President of the United States. Despite Trump's historic win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, his victory was tainted in the eyes of many who believe James Comey helped tip the scales in favor of the billionaire real estate mogul. By bringing up the issue of Clinton's private email server so close to Election Day, the consensus is that she was hurt enough to let Trump slide past her for the win. While Comey was first seen in a positive light by Trump, the recent investigation into the growing Russian scandal has changed that line of thinking, leading to the former FBI director's firing on Tuesday.

In response, social media quickly went viral, including harsh opposition from George Takei.

As seen on his Twitter feed on Wednesday, George Takei decided to target both Donald Trump, and Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway over their handling of the James Comey aftermath.

"When the President fires the man investigating him, and Congress and the Justice Dept won't act, we have a full blown constitutional crisis," Takei tweeted out. "Now, Donald. Is that any way to treat the man who got you elected?" Takei wrote with slight sarcasm.

"If we let him get away with simply firing anyone who poses a threat, we will have ceased to be a nation of laws," George Takei went on to write.

"Trump and Putin both think they can make problems go away by getting rid of people. One says 'You're Fired,' the other just has you killed," he added.

Takei on Kellyanne

In a shot at Kellyanne Conway, George Takei decided to mock the former campaign manager by quoting her recent comments about the issue at hand. "Kellyanne says 'it's inappropriate' to question the timing of Donald firing Comey. It's called an independent press, it's always appropriate," Takei pointed out.

Kelly Conway has received increase backlash since the firing was announced after getting into two heated exchanges on CNN with hosts Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo. Takei has since continued his tweet-storm against the administration, putting further outside pressure on Donald Trump by keeping the story flowing through social media.