Netflix has opened chances for teenagers to be part of "13 Reasons Why" season 2. Recently, the production has made an announcement that they will hold an open Casting Call at Vallejo for people of all ages and ethnicity. They will be looking for actors to be extras and stand-ins as part of their preparation for the second season.

Right now, it is good to know that the production is currently in works. Meanwhile, they further announced that the casting call would happen on June 4, 11 a.m to 3 p.m at Vallejo's USA World Classics Museum.

Casting agents to look for potential actors to portray specific roles

As "13 Reasons Why" continues for a second season, casting agents are now into the work in searching for people to be part of the series. Apparently, they are looking for willing actors to portray as students, parents, teachers, field athletes, cheerleaders, and boxers. These are among the roles that they have to fill in.

The casting agents call for people of all ages and culture. Further, organizers also reveal that they are also looking for people particularly ages 18-26 for a specific role. Meanwhile, for those who cannot attend the casting call event in Vallejo, they can still participate by registering to

Meanwhile, the organizers require all aspiring extras and stand-ins to be in their casual attire and to bring with them headshot photo and resume.

Permit is required for ages below 18

Since the production encourages everyone to join the casting call, somehow, participants who are under 18 years old are required to bring California Entertainment Work Permit.

All they need to do is to download it here, for them to be allowed in the event.

Further, the Glorioso Casting is also looking for people to be part of Screen Actors Guild and non-union paid positions for the original series. They will be filming near and around Vallejo, Sebastopol, and San Rafael just like how they did it last season.

Participants are also encouraged to look clean especially for males. As much as possible, they have to bring their snacks and water as the audition may take them a long while to wait. For those who are unable to attend in Vallejo, there are also links to click for them to complete their pre-registration. By doing so, anyone can have the chance to be part of the most controversial yet popular series of Netflix, the "13 Reasons Why."

Participants are also required to stay tuned for further updates that the production might release soon.