Legends of tomorrow” was the first CW show to end its season so most are expecting it to be the first to kick off its third season in the fall. For those who may have already forgotten, the team found itself dealing with a ravaged timeline which will need to be fixed.

Fixing the timeline may need a lot of work but a poster reveal from cast member Brandon Routh reveals the whole gang back together. In a tweet, the man who plays “Ray Palmer” shows off the full roster – including “Amaya” / “Vixen” (Maisie Richardson-Sellers).

Sara Lance is still captain of the ship

Despite the re-insertion of Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill), Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) is expected to continue being the leader of the “Legends” in season 3. That should be pretty obvious in the order of presentation in the poster art.

Hence, “White Canary” will still anchor the “Waverider” though the plans will need the minds of other key members like Palmer, Hunter, “Dr. Martin Stein” (Victor Garber), “Jefferson Jackson” (Franz Drameh), “Nate Heywood” (Nick Zano) and the unpredictable “Mick Rory” (Dominic Purcell).

Hunter to put up 'Time Bureau'

As mentioned earlier, the world is left in a mess, a result of the “Legends” facing their former selves. There were obvious repercussions on who was left standing during their season-ending melee, a hint that time has been corrupted beyond boundaries.

With “Sara Lance” calling the shots for the team, Hunter has obviously been displaced.

Rather than worry about the team, the word out is that the former leader could end up forming an organization called the “Time Bureau” to deal with the mess.

There are plenty of ways to look at it. Hunter could eventually go out on his own and stay in contact with the “Legends” from afar. In a sense, it could see “Rip” offering guidance to “Sara” and the team in the same way that “Felicity Smoak”/ “Overwatch” (Emily Bett Rickards) does it for Team Arrow.

So while the poster may hint at the team still as one, it may not necessarily follow that all would be on the “Waverider” and traveling through time.

Will 'The Flash' finale be connected?

Speaking of time, most are aware how things got altered as well on “The Flash.” Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is (temporarily) gone, sacrificing himself into the “Speed Force” though most are expecting him back at some point next season.

Could this be tied up with the haywired world on “Legends of Tomorrow?” There is a possibility though it may not be as glaring. But with time altered by “Flashpoint,” one can only ponder at the repercussions.

Regardless, this would be looking too far ahead. Season 3 of the “Legends of Tomorrow” returns this fall on CW.