The UK has always been a big market for the WWE and the company usually hosts a show or two in the country every year. This year, a Wwe Nxt show was scheduled on the 6th of June. at the Manchester Arena, the site of the recent terror attacks. However, the company announced yesterday that the show on 6th June stands canceled in the wake of the terror attacks.

Not a security measure

Whenever a long-planned event of this magnitude is canceled in the aftermath of a terror attack, people usually think that the reason for cancellation lies in security fears. However, the WWE's decision to cancel the show is not out of any security issue but a show of respect for a city that is currently coming to terms with a gruesome tragedy.

Although the show stands canceled, the performers will be present in Manchester and will, in fact, meet and greet with the fans in order to show their solidarity, with a city in grief. In addition to that, WWE will also contribute an undisclosed amount of money to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

The fans who had bought a ticket for the Manchester show have the option of exchanging their ticket for the NXT show at nearby Leeds on the 7th of June. Needless to say, this is, without a doubt, an outstanding gesture from the WWE, which has always enjoyed great popularity among the wrestling and entertainment fans in the UK. Musical band KISS, who were also scheduled to perform at the Manchester Arena, canceled their show as well.

The arena lies in tatters

Although it is true that it is a grand gesture on the part of the WWE to cancel the show in the light of recent events; it is also important to point out that the Manchester Arena is in no state to host any event at this point in time. Following the May 22nd terror attack, the building has been closed to the public and the magnitude of damage has been such that it might take a considerable amount of time before the arena is restored to its former state.

According to most sources, no one knows when the Manchester Arena will be open for events again. That said, WWE fans in Manchester might not have to wait long before they can watch their favorite wrestling stars in action.

WWE Smackdown is scheduled to be held at the Manchester Arena on the 7th of November later this year and the company hopes that it will be able to host that show.

It seems that the company is hopeful that the Manchester Arena might have been restored by then and could be open to hosting big ticket events.

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