Amidst the latest controversies that Netflix are facing over "13 Reasons Why" series, the network has addressed the concerns. They will now place trigger Warnings before each episode through content advisories for the viewers. Two previous episodes of this TV hit series has been prompted with warnings from mental health groups and school officials; and thus, the upcoming scenes will now contain text which strengthens warnings to the viewers most especially to the young ones.

Netflix to add viewer warning card before each episode

Lots of discussion has been brought out since "13 Reasons Why" started airing.

The series could have been a valuable means of starting an important discussion on the common problems faced by teenagers today, however, at some point, Netflix also heard several concerns over graphics used which depict rape and suicide cases. In line with this, Netflix is adding viewers warning card prior to the airing of each episode.

This will serve as an extra precaution before the series starts. This will contain strong message and resource language that pertains to graphic subject matter and the website 13ReasonsWHy -- a resource center that provides information about organizations that lends help to serious matters being addressed in the show.

Further, the production team also issued their statement about the bathtub death by suicide scene.

The show's creator Brian Yorkey said, "We worked very hard not to be gratuitous, but we did want it painful to watch because we want it to be very clear that there is nothing, in any way, worthwhile about suicide."

Response to criticism

In a recent interview, Ross Butler and Zach Dempsey responded to criticisms over "13 Reasons Why." They revealed that the way the series has to be approached is also exactly the right way for it to be told.

Further, Dylan Minnette and Clay Jensen also added that the graphic visuals used in the series has been a success since most of the viewers are now talking about it.

Apparently, the main goal of the show is to talk about these concerns and thus, it is deemed necessary for them to bring out these issues and to be shown these matters in the real way.

Minnette also added that, "If people are talking about it, we've reached our goal because these conversations - people need to talk about this." Meanwhile, rumors about series renewal has been circulating however, Netflix has not made official announcement yet.