Mark Harmon has been making the fans wonder about the real status of his health and his hit TV show, "NCIS." Reports stated that the long-running TV series will be cancelled because he is finally leaving the show after completing his work on "NCIS" Season 14. There is no doubt that "NCIS" Season 14 has been the talk of the town because of its amazing storyline. Fans of the show have seen new characters in the story after Michael Weatherly left the hit TV series. Now, rumors are making rounds that Mark Harmon is the next actor who is leaving because of his health troubles.

Mark Harmon leaving "NCIS" after Season 14

According to new reports, another lead actor will be leaving "NCIS" Season 14 and fingers are pointed to Mark Harmon. Fans are reportedly worried that their favorite character and actor will be ending his journey in the hit TV show. The viewers have reportedly noticed the changes in Harmon's physical appearance, as he becomes thinner.

The co-showrunner of "NCIS," George Schenck stated in his recent interview that the show will be facing a major tweak in the Season 14 finale. He revealed that there will be a lot of tension in the story as the story will be making a great change in the characters and the roles of the actors.

Although Schenck did not name the character who will have its role changed in the story, fans are still worried that Harmon will be the one to bid his goodbye in the show.

Speculations are making rounds that Gibbs' role might be affected by the new synopsis of the show.

Gibbs' might change his mind about his job in the new season

Despite the cancellation reports about "NCIS," the series has been finally renewed for Season 15 last year. Reports claimed that Gibbs, Torres and McGee will be travelling to Paraguay to face the rebels to find the Navy Seal.

The synopsis of the new season will reportedly affect the life of Gibbs, which will affect his decision to take on an office-based job.

Meanwhile, McGee will also be taking on a new journey in life as he becomes a married man. The story will be showing McGee's new life as he will take new risks and make some major decisions in life.

Fans are now wondering if these two characters will be the ones to leave the show because of the changes in their roles. Although, Harmon is yet to talk about the reports of leaving, "NCIS" will surely continue with a Season 15.

As of this writing, Mark Harmon has not yet responded to the reports if he will really leave the show because of his health issues.