"NCIS" season 14 finale episode spoilers reveal that the trio of Gibbs, McGee, and Torres will be facing the most Dangerous Mission yet. These three men are tasked with searching for a missing Navy Seal who just disappeared during an unofficial trip. Their investigation will lead them to a place somewhere in Paraguay, which happens to be controlled by rebels. Will they be able to make it? The season 14 finale episode definitely leaves the fate of the characters up in the air.

Season 14 finale puts characters in serious danger

The "NCIS" season 14 finale is such a big action scene, as revealed by George Schenk, the executive producer of the series.

He also reveals that the forthcoming episode will force Gibbs to make a certain decision that will basically affect him, McGee and Torres in a significant way. Apparently, the fate of each character in the season-ender is quite dark and it seems like one of them will be facing serious danger. In terms of who that will be, it remains to be seen.

Further, season finale spoilers reveal that McGee will still go through a dangerous mission. This suggests that he is either not taking it well or Delilah recovers from her health scare and allows him to join Gibbs and Torres on their mission in Paraguay. Meanwhile, such an episode will leave everyone in shock, just like when Gibbs was shot in the previous episode.

Basically, he will find himself in the same situation with this mission.

Delilah and McGee get a surprise?

Fans are worried with the thought that Delilah has been confined to the hospital. When viewers saw the recent promotional material for the episode, many expect that she is dying of sickness but she is not. Delilah is pregnant!

In general, the season finale is a way for "NCIS" season 14 to celebrate these personal surprises. Apparently, this will make Delilah and McGee more serious in regard to their jobs, since they have so much more reasons to fight now.

Viewers can expect to see McGee with much more on his plate than before. With Delilah's pregnancy, the stakes are so much higher. Further, he and Gibbs will also make certain decisions, and those will be revealed as season 14 ends.