It is almost time for the end of season five of "Nashville " and the fans can't wait to see the rest of this season of the show. Taste of Country actually shared a few spoilers for the upcoming season and what is going to go down. It will return on June 1, so you still have about a month before the show is back again. It just ended abruptly and fans were wondering if it would never return.

"Nashville" spoilers revealed!

First off, "Nashville" has already been renewed for season six as well. The viewers are going to get another season after this for coming to an end just yet.

The death of Rayna James is really going to change things up, but the show must go on and the viewers are going to have to stick with it to see how things go. Part of the cast is even heading out on their second international tour together. You can get the chance to see Clare Bowen, Charles Esten, Chris Carmack and Jonathan Jackson, with Sam Palladio joining in on select dates.

In the preview, Scarlett O'Connor is heard talking to Gunner about being pregnant. He just wants to know if she still has feelings for the other guy. Everyone saw at the end of last season that she didn't even know who the father was and it sounds like she might not be sure she wants to find out either. It is obvious that Gunner and Deacon both want to help her out and be on her side.

She says she just wants her baby to be loved. With the people in her life, it doesn't seem like that will be a problem at all for her.

The girls are having a hard time with the loss of their mom, but they need Deacon to step up and take care of them. He lost his wife and the love of his life, so it will be interesting to see if he can make it work or if he ends up drinking once again.

Juliette is now working hard to get her career back and see if she can find a way to make everything work once again. She went through a really hard time and getting her career back on track seems to be all that she really wants right now.

Fans of "Nashville" know that changes are coming, but hopefully, the show will go on and they will find a way to win back over the fans.

You can check out the preview on this page and see if you think that "Nashville" is going to be fine without Rayna James around. It will be a big change, but they seem determined to make it work.

Are you excited to see the rest of "Nashville"? Do you feel like the show can go on fine without Rayna James? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss the return of "Nashville" to CMT on June 1.