Cartoon Network revealed the last five episodes of “Steven Universe” Season 4 on its social media pages. The announcement came with a video teaser that showed the intense turn of events and the adventure Steven himself is going to face. The trailer featured a quick recap of the past, then moved to what people can expect in the coming new episodes. Fans can expect a lot of drama happening as the show draws closer to its final episode. From what happened to Sadi, to the mysterious silhouettes, there are still a number of twists and turns that are going to happen.

The last few episodes of the animated series

Along with the new trailer is the revelation of “Steven Universe” Season 4 episode titles. The first one will air on May 8 titled “Lion 4: Alternate Ending.” Next is on May 9 called “Doug Out.” On May 10 is “The Good Lards” while on May 11 is “Are You My Dad?” Lastly, on May 12 fans will get to see “I Am My Mom.”

The remaining episodes of the animated television series seem to be filler after the show’s Zoo Arc. Hence, many are now excited to see the continuation of the program as it is about to get back to its original story. Moreover, the remaining five episodes can be seen on the Cartoon Network app called See it First on May 5.

Other animated TV series coming

Meanwhile, aside from “Steven Universe” Season 4, there are a lot of animated series coming back to Cartoon Network this May. These include new installments of “Ben 10” starting on May 1. Viewers, too, will have the chance to see it first on the network’s app every Friday before the premiere episode starts every week.

The debut chapter of the media franchise created by Man of Action Studio will be titled “All Wet.” Here, no one will believe the much-loved protagonist when he claims that one of the visitors waiting at the World of Wet Water Park is actually Frightwig, disguised as an ordinary girl. Ben will try his best to prove his claims while trying to protect the guests of the park from her evil plans to exterminate the place.

Also, “Teen Titans Go!” will be back on Cartoon Network on May 5. Its premiere episode will be called “The Avogodo” where fans will see Cinco de Mayo and Robin finding out that avocados are a kind of super food that can give them great powers.

"The Powerpuff Girls,” too, will be back with new episodes every Sunday, and the first one will be named “A Star is Blossom.” Here, Blossom will be consumed by her jealousy as Bubble gets the lead role in their school play. “Ninjago” is also set to have new episodes in two weeks that will begin on May 15 while “Transformers: Robots in Disguise” will premiere new episodes every Saturday.