Now that the Season 9 "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion show is over, more information has been leaked, including video footage of the March fight between Peter Thomas and Matt Jordan. It turns out that Peter wasn't as successful in the fight as he previously bragged. However, he may have actually injured Kenya Moore's ex-boyfriend during the radio station brawl, forcing the personal trainer to have corrective surgery.

Matt and Peter brawl during radio station interview

Back in March, around the same time that the Season 9 "RHOA" reunion show taping was going on, Peter Thomas and Matt Jordan met at a radio station in Charlotte, North Carolina to get a few things off their chests.

It turns out that the intended interview didn't happen though because Matt and Peter ended up getting into a pretty crazy fight. Footage of that altercation can be seen below.

It's hard to see everything that happened as the "RHOA" exes fought but it is clear that Peter Thomas stood up first and Matt Jordan got up, then lunged at him during the radio show melee. The two men got physical after throwing insults back and forth as radio producers tried to calm them down and get them to talk.

It was previously reported that Peter ended up pulling a box cutter on Matt during the fight. Cynthia Bailey's ex-husband even bragged that he held his own during the brawl, which was surprising since Matt is so much younger and stronger than him.

Matt Jordan claims injury, threatens to sue

While it was pretty clear that Matt Jordan easily overpowered Peter Thomas during the fight, it turns out that the older man may have done some damage while trying to defend himself. All About The Tea reported that Peter lunged at Matt three different times with the box cutter.

Matt submitted photos to AATT of his injured finger, which he claims will require surgery to fix.

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The pictures show swelling to his knuckle but no actual blood. It's not clear if Peter cut Matt with the box cutter or not. The personal trainer says he will need surgery for "lacerations to a frozen tendon" according to Matt.

Adding insult to injury (literally) Matt Jordan claims that he didn't sign any waivers allowing the release of the radio station fight video.

He told AATT that he had his attorney send cease and desist letters to stop the release of the video but to no avail. Matt said now that the video has been released, he and his attorney are looking to take legal action.

In text messages that Matt Jordan shared with the blog, it was also revealed that he did not give permission for the video to be released. The producer who attempted to break up the fight between Matt and Peter told Matt that she wanted to get his story out because Peter Thomas had already sold video footage to a blog and was going to put Kenya Moore's ex-boyfriend on blast.

After watching footage of the fight between Peter Thomas and Matt Jordan, do you believe that Matt should sue for his injuries and for the released footage? Sound off in the comments section below.