On "General Hospital," Sonny and Carly Corinthos' relationship could be considered a fatal attraction. Their relationship has had more ups and downs than a roller coaster. They are presently embarking on divorce number 5. While they believe it is the end this time, "General Hospital" fans aren't buying it.

Carly has a mind of her own

Carly has never been one to listen to sound reason. Everyone around her is suggesting she dial it down a notch, but Carly is ready for a full-scale war. She slept with her ex, Jasper Jax while still married to Sonny.

She became furious when Sonny had Jax arrested, and later deported back to Australia. Sonny had signed all his legal assets over to his wife when he thought he was headed to prison. He forgot to put them back in his name, and now, Carly is using that against him.

She is asking to retain all legal rights to all of Sonny's holdings. This would leave him penniless, except for his offshore accounts. Carly says that Sonny can live in another country, just like Jax. Bobbie, Carly's mother, and Michael, her son both have told Mrs. Corinthos she is wrong to play hard ball with her soon-to-be ex. She told them both that she would not heed their words of advice.

Sonny and Martina

Sonny met a woman and took this virtual stranger to bed.

Later, he found out she is Carly's divorce lawyer, Martina. Ava Jerome saw the duo headed off together and is implying she might spill the beans. Carly has seen her soon-to-be ex and her attorney in what appears to be an intimate moment. She grilled them about their connection, but neither one of them told her the truth.

Martina is trying her best to not be disbarred.

She suggested Carly give her husband all the holdings that are in her name. She asked Sonny to consider allowing Carly to have everything. Neither Mr. or Mrs. Corinthos would give an inch.

All is not fair in love and war for Carly and Sonny

Carly and Sonny have a habit of saying the other started the war, but they will finish it.

This time around, Sonny is looking for a compromise but Carly is not. She is set in her ways. She absolutely will not even entertain extending an olive branch. Now that she suspects something is going on between her spouse and her divorce lawyer, she is more determined than ever.

"General Hospital" fans know, that Mrs. Corinthos is like a dog with a bone, and will not let up until she finds out the truth. She believes Sonny and Martina are lying to her, and will stop at nothing until she finds out what they are hiding.