Bonner Bolton didn't win the "Dancing With The Stars" Mirrorball trophy. However, the professional bull rider has something other than dancing on his mind right now. Bolton, 29, admits that he has a crush on contestant Normani Kordei and he's not shy when it comes to saying how he feels about the Fifth Harmony singer.

Of course, many "DWTS" fans thought he had a mad crush on his partner, pro dancer Sharna Burgess. However, Bonner sets the record straight about who he has his heart set on dating and it's not Sharna.

"You know what, I love that girl," Bolton tells Entertainment Tonight, "She is just so beautiful inside and out.

Bonner makes his move

At first, Bonner said that if Normani were ever to ask him out he'd say, "yes." When he encouraged by ET's Lauren Zima to just go for it and ask her out, he didn't hesitate to ask the 20-year-old pop star on a date.

During a Facebook Live event with ET, Bonner came right out and asked Normani, "will you go out on a date with me?"

Of course, we're not sure if Normani was watching the live stream, but word gets around fast. We're hoping she will give her response on one of the final two "DWTS" episodes of the season.

"I wanted to get her number after the dance the other night, but I had to get out of there so fast for the flight to New York because I got kicked off the show," Bonner told ET.

"I didn't even have a chance to say goodbye to her."

Although Bonner is no longer in the competition, most of the eliminated contestants have been in the ABC ballroom practicing for a season finale performance. There's no doubt he'll have a chance to talk to Normani about going out on a date.

But what about Sharna?

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Bonner and Sharna are in the friend zone

Starting with the "Dancing with the Stars" season premiere back in March, fans have been buzzing about the chemistry between Bonner and Sharna.

They flirted it up on and off the dance floor until he was eliminated last week.

It turns out that it was probably all for show to get people talking (and voting!). After all, who doesn't like a little on-screen romance?

Sharna tells ET! that they are not in a relationship, something that Bonner later confirmed.

"We're not together," Burgess said. "We obviously have great chemistry, we love working together and Bonner is an incredibly good-looking guy."

But that's all. It was strictly a showmance.

And while Bonner also confirms that they aren't dating, it sure sounds like he wouldn't have turned her down if she was interested in a little romance with the 29-year-old bull rider.

"We're great friends," Bonner states.

We've remained professional throughout the entire thing. It's not ever crossed the line of dating. Her and I were definitely intrigued by each other ... she's a beautiful girl and a great person. But I think we're definitely better off friends and it's gonna stay that way."

Fortunately, Bonner has Normani to distract him.