Fans of "NCIS" Season 14 cannot help but notice that there is something going on between the two new members of Gibbs' (Mark Harmon) team, Quinn (Jennifer Esposito) and Torres (Wilmer Valderrama). This excites fans who want the two to be together. Meanwhile, the team will be dealing with the case of a murdered Marine. What will they find out in episode 21?

Torres concerned about Quinn

To recall, the previous episode of "NCIS" featured Quinn's mother, Marie (Mercedes Ruehl) who is suffering from dementia. When Marie visited Quinn, she met Torres accidentally and the two immediately got along well.

Although things are okay between the two and Quinn is happy to see her mother, Marie's illness bothers Quinn.

Torres noticed that Quinn is very much worried about her mom's condition. Because of that, Torres repeatedly checked on Quinn. Apart from featuring Marie, the episode also showcased the closeness of Quinn and Torres. Because of that, fans are looking forward to more scenes featuring the pair. Reports are also saying that Quinn will be playing a major role when Torres goes undercover.

Episode 21 spoilers

The next episode is titled "One Book, Two Covers" wherein the NCIS team will be investigating the demise of a Marine. The team discovered that the murder is linked to a dirt bike gang which Torres was able to infiltrate before.

Since he still has access to the gang's inner circle, Director Vance (Rocky Caroll) asked him to lead the investigation.

In order to get more information, Torres will go undercover and join the gang once again to find out if the group had something to do with the Marine's murder. When Torres informed Gibbs about his assignment, Gibbs became worried because of what happened to Torres when he went undercover years ago.

It can be recalled that Torres suddenly went missing while working on an undercover case. When he returned several years later, he was a totally different person. Because of that, Gibbs is worried that the new mission will trigger something in Torres.

The teaser for episode 21 shows a huge explosion and Torres seems to be in danger.

Director Vance will then warn him that he shouldn't go overboard with his actions and should not throw away his career just because of the case.

"NCIS" Season 14 episode 21 is set to air on April 18, at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.