Niantic has kept the millions of fans of the successful "Pokémon GO” app in suspense over the past few days. New options were recently enabled in the game as well as new interesting updates. However, even though players have taken full advantage of recent updates, the vast majority remain impatient as they are waiting for the arrival of the legendary Pokémon.

New Details about the release date of these beloved creatures have now been revealed. The information will be announced at a big event to be held this summer. Below we share the latest information about the Legendary Pokemon release.

Legendary Pokémon release date

Niantic has kept the “Pokémon GO” players in suspense, giving minimal details about the release date of legendary creatures, better known as pocket monsters. While users are waiting impatiently for the arrival of these Pokémon, Niantic has been creating short-term events as a strategy to keep millions of fans interested in the app.

On Thursday, new details were revealed about the release date of the arrival of these creatures. According to Birgmingham Mail, Niantic plans to launch the legendary Pokémon in June, although it does not specify the exact day. These creatures will arrive just in time for the anniversary date of the app, accompanied by new changes and options in the game.

According to Birmingham Mail, to make things even more interesting, the pocket monsters will be introduced through a special event as part of Pokémon GO's first birthday celebration.

Additional information

Along with the launch of the legendary Pokémon, there will be a new feature known as Pokémon battles (PvP) enabled. In this feature, players will fight in pairs, one against one using their respective Pokémon.

Another interesting fact to note is the new cooperatives and the player trading that will come to the “Pokémon GO” app. Niantic will reportedly launch other new short-lived events before the expected release of legendary creatures.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.