The new season of "Married at First Sight" is here and going strong. One couple decided to wait a bit before having sex, and now Cody Knapek is sharing his side of why he wanted to wait. Cody already admitted to his new wife that he doesn't feel like he has ever been in love before. He doesn't want to mess this marriage up at all.

Cody Knapek reveals his thoughts on waiting

Cody admits that he thought his wife was "stunning" as soon as he saw her. He actually called the night of their wedding one of the best nights ever. It really does sound like Cody might have found his match.

His brother tried to get on the show as well, but they only picked Cody Knapek.

Cody and Danielle are having a great honeymoon, and he admitted that going out to see how they could work as a team paddle boating was something he was really looking forward to doing. He already feels like they keep each other balanced because of their differences. That is a great thing to have in a relationship.

Knapek even admits that he loved the chance to get to see his wife in a swimsuit, but they were really slow about becoming intimate with each other. He mentioned that they spent some time talking about how they need to be patient when it comes to sex. Everyone saw that Danielle doesn't seem to want to wait as much as Cody does, but he is being really careful about not taking anything too fast in their relationship.

He admits that he knows that Danielle said she wanted to have sex, but he wasn't positive that she really does want to go ahead and do it.

Cody explained that there was a reason he didn't tell his wife about why he wanted to wait a while. It was a pretty good reason, too. He said, " Something I never communicated with Danielle either is that in my past, when I have slept with someone before developing strong feelings for them, I usually have lost interest." Cody has plans to spend the rest of his life with her, and he doesn't want to mess anything up.

He is trying to do it all right this time, and you can't fault him for that at all. It really does look like their marriage is going great and only time will tell if Cody and Danielle will end up lasting or not. So far, so good for this couple on "Married at First Sight."

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