Things didn't go great for the couples onMarried at First Sight season two. None of them ended up staying together when the show was over. Davina Kullar's relationship didn't work out, but it turns out she has found love since the show and is married once again. Some people may think it was too soon, but remember the show was filmed way before fans got to see it all go down. Davina seems really happy with her new husband.

Who did Davina Kullar marry?

On the show, Davina got married toSean Varricchio within minutes of meeting him at the alter. Their relationship really never looked like it was going to work out.

The two later got divorced and moved on from each other. Now Davina has found love once again with someone new. Thursday night Davina went off to Las Vegas and got married to her new boyfriend.

Davina shared a photo of the man she got married to and even shared a picture of their rings together. She never told her fans she was even engaged, and so far Davina has not revealed who the new man in her life is either. Fans would love to get to know him better if she will start sharing.

Has Sean moved on to someone new as well?

Back in February, Sean Varricchio revealed that he was dating someone new. He didn't share a lot of details, though. It looks like he is doing just fine without Davina and that getting a divorce after six months was the best thing for them.

They were only together for six weeks, but it just didn't work.

This news comes out not long after Jamie Otis shared that she is expecting her first child with husband Doug Hehner. These two are a great couple and their marriage at first sight did work out. It proves that it can work. Courtney and Jason are still together and going strong as well, Season one had a great outcome and hopefully, the next season will end up doing just as well.

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