Mariah Copeland on "The Young and the Restless" is a beautiful woman. Unlike the many pencil-thin young actresses on daytime, this young lady has a voluptuous figure. She also has beautiful, long red hair. Unfortunately, the writers do not seem to know what to do with Mariah. She first portrayed Sharon and Nick Newman's daughter Cassie, who died in an automobile accident. They wrote her out, and now have written her back in. Today she portrays Cassie's twin, who hangs around on the periphery, never really belonging. Camryn Grimes' talent will be wasted unless "Y&R" writers figure out how best to use her.

Mariah comes to town

Victor Newman saw the resemblance Mariah had to the deceased Cassie. Victor hired Mariah to pretend to be Cassie's ghost, and frighten Sharon. Eventually it was found out that Sharon had given birth to twins, and was told that one had died. Mariah looked like Cassie because she was her twin sister. Mariah has never had a major story line. She is always in the back drop of others. She has been a supporting cast member to Kevin, her mother Sharon, Hillary, and now Devon.

Mariah seems to be the go-to person, the shoulder to cry on, and the listening ear. She has never had a real romance since moving to Genoa City. She really has no strong ties, except her mother. "The Young and the Restless," tried paring Mariah with Kevin.

They spent one night together, and decided they were best as friends. Now Ms. Copeland is dating Devon Hamilton, the billionaire grandson of Katherine Chancellor.

Will Mariah and Devon work?

On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Devon and Mariah decided to take their relationship to the next level. As they were heading up the stairs, they were unaware that Devon's ex, Hillary, was hiding, and had been watching them.

Mariah and Devon do not exhibit any more chemistry as a couple than did Mariah and Kevin.

This couple seem forced together because there is no one else to pair them with. Fans know Devon and Hilary still have strong feelings for each other. So, only time will tell how it all plays out, and if these two are a fit. Mariah deserves a life of her own on "Y&R." She should indeed have a love interest, as well as a plot that revolves around her, rather than Ms Copeland revolving around the story lines of other characters. She could handle a major role if one were written in for her. it's not enough for her to be on camera, she needs a worthwhile storyline that's all her own.