Lisa Rinna is on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and right in the middle of the drama. Now, it turns out that Lisa might be leaving the show and moving on to something new. She is really unsure about her future on reality television all together right now.

Lisa shares her thoughts with ET

If you watched the end of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" this season, then you saw Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards big bunny gate drama. Kim actually gave Lisa Rinna back a stuffed bunny that she got for her grandson at the reunion show, which left Lisa Rinna in tears.

This drama, among other things, could be enough to make her run the other way when asked about joining the show again. It can be difficult to deal with the drama that comes with being on one of these shows.

The show was renewed for another season, but Lisa Rinna isn't sure what she is going to do yet. She spoke out saying, "I'm on hiatus. I don't have any thoughts. I'm done. I am not working right now, and it is heaven. All I have to say. Heaven!” So is she coming back? She said that she never actually knows what the plan is and probably won't even know until about five minutes before she has to decide. Lisa Rinna is just taking it easy right now and isn't planning on making any kind of decision for a bit.

What else would Lisa Rinna do?

Lisa Rinna would not be able to not work at all, so fans wonder what she would do now. There has been some speculation for a while that Lisa would start her own reality show with her husband Harry Hamlin and two daughters, but she doesn't sound like that is the plan. Lisa actually said that her daughters are so busy right now it would be hard, plus they kind of did that before with the show "Harry Loves Lisa." It really does sound like she might end up moving on from reality television all together, but nobody knows for sure.

They never announce the cast of any of the shows until right before the new season. Rumors run about if people will be back or not and Lisa is part of those rumors now. She doesn't seem ready to admit that she is leaving or reveal she wants to come back. If Kim Richards comes back, Lisa would have a pretty hard road ahead of her being on the show with her every day considering the drama they went through on the reunion show recently.

Are you surprised to hear that Lisa Rinna might be leaving "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"? Do you think that this is a good decision? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "RHOBH" when it returns to Bravo. Right now, the show is taking a break and so is Lisa Rinna. She couldn't be happier about it either.