It is no secret that Lisa Vanderpump is no fan of Lisa Rinna. The two made nice earlier this season, but that was mostly for show and to avoid future drama. Of course, the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" has been plagued with gossip and drama this season. Most of it has been centered around Kim Richards and her sobriety. The irony of it is that Richards isn't even a full-time housewife this season and wasn't last season either.

Lisa Vanderpump believes Eden Sassoon

After the drama in Mexico, Lisa Vanderpump wanted to know exactly who said what.

During a meeting with Eden Sassoon, it was confirmed that Lisa Rinna did in fact say that Kim Richards was "near death" and Kyle Richards was her enabler. Rinna has been denying saying anything and refuses to "remember" that any of that came out of her mouth. Viewers saw the footage and Lisa did indeed tell Eden those things about Kim.

On last night's episode of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Lisa Rinna confronted Eden Sassoon about talking to Lisa Vanderpump. It was a very tense conversation and it was obviously Rinna didn't think that Sassoon would be a problem for her. Clearly, throwing Eden under the bus wasn't a smart move and she isn't going to allow her name and character to be attacked for someone else's words.

Kim Richards learns what the ladies have said about her

Kyle Richards had to tell her sister what the other ladies were saying about her. It was clear things were tense between Kim and Lisa Rinna, as the two have had issues in the past. In fact, earlier this season the two went at it with each other pretty hard with Lisa bringing up Kim's arrest record.

Richards was shocked to learn what was said to Eden Sassoon.

Lisa Vanderpump appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" last night and talked about how she wanted Lisa Rinna to "own it" with the gossip. She clearly is not a fan of Rinna, and that was very apparent when she talked to Andy Cohen about the drama. Vanderpump said she needs to stop worrying about Kim Richards.