A 17-year-old high school student in Arizona needed a date for prom. He had a specific person in mind, so he decided to ask her. This isn't uncommon or unusual. What is, is he asked actress Emma Stone to be his prom date. The student, Jacob Staudenmaier of Phoenix, asked Stone to go to the prom with him. He decided to ask her in a creative way. Staudenmaier uploaded a video that was a recreation of the opening scene from "La La Land," a movie that Stone stars in.

Staudenmaier's video, which has gone viral, is two-minutes long. It shows him and his friends singing along to "Another Day of Sun." However, they tweaked the lyrics.

Staudenmaier makes references to Stone and how he would go insane if she actually came to prom with him.

Emma Stone responded

Emma Stone took notice of the video and took time to respond. She wrote Staudenmeier a letter, which said his stunt was the best proposal she's received to date. She added that she wouldn't be able to go to prom because of work commitments. Stone said she was honored, but she was currently in London. She said she was grateful that Staudenmeier thought of her. She also said she hopes the teen has a good time when he goes to the prom. Although Stone won't make it to the prom, she did have some nice words for Staudenmeier. She said the teen has a bit of a Ryan Gosling look to him.

Gosling stars alongside Stone in "La La Land."

He thought it was great

On Friday, Staudenmaier said he thought it was great that Stone took time to write a letter. He said it was fantastic that she was aware of the video. He described the letter as short, but he still appreciated that she responded to his video. The whole thing actually started off as a joke.

The teen said he was kind of joking around about how he might go to the prom with Emma Stone. From there, the idea to create a video came about. When he decided he was going to go through with the idea of asking Stone to the prom, he knew he had to do something big.

Figured it was a long shot

Staudenmaier knew that he had a long shot at getting a response from Stone.

However, the passionate filmmaker still wanted to do it, so he and his friends went ahead and created the video. Even though Stone said no, Staudenmaier said the response to the video will keep his self-esteem high for quite some time to come.

The teen did joke about the prospects of landing a date with the 28-year-old actress. He said maybe 30 years down the road he will have a shot. He added that his time for prom proposals will fade away.