Rapper Drake grabbed 13 Billboard Music Awards last night and also tried to snatch Vanessa Hudgens as well. However, while there is nothing wrong with the alleged womanizer trying to get with the beautiful actress, he already had a date by his side, the voluptuous Nicki Minaj.

Drake rules the music industry

While the Canadian musician thought it was cute, Minaj wasn’t cool with Drake's flirting. The rapper has ruled the Spotify music streaming website over the past couple of years, and his good luck just continues as he took home 13 awards, which is the highest in the event’s history.

The British songstress Adele is the only other artist who won close to that number.

However, while everyone enjoyed the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night, the number one topic was the rapper trying to get with Hudgens. The trending meme on social media platforms was not about the award show, but about his public creepin' right in front of his date.

The most memorable moment came courtesy of his part-time girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, who did not take his flirting lightly as she reportedly shouted at the rapper. But Minaj should already be used to the rapper's reputation of dating several women in the entertainment circle. Just last year, at the American Music Awards, Drake publicly professed his love for Rhianna, another of his part-time lovers. The couple dated for about two months before they broke up, again.

Drake’s flirting defines a memorable occasion

And while he was on the mend from his recent split, he did not spend the Christmas and New Year’s holidays alone. The flirtatious rapper ditched Rhianna for her best friend, the bootylicious Jennifer Lopez aka "Jenny from the block." Drake and J-Lo dated for just a few short months before she ditched him for her new beau, Alex Rodriquez.

However, the viral video of Drake’s onstage flirting became a huge sensation overnight. The hilarious moment now defines the monumental occasion and stole the defining image of his coronation as the king of the music industry. The new ruler, who had broken the record once held by Britain's Adele, said it’s already crazy that we are only on this earth for a short time.

And according to the rapper, we have to show lots of love while we are here.

The Music World new king, while collecting one of his awards, crooned at Hudgens, saying that she looked absolutely ravishing. The Canadian rapper is really showing love to the ladies after dating Rhianna, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicki Minaj within seven short months.

And now he is desperately trying to, perhaps, add the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens to his love triangle.