Jenelle Evans and court are almost synonymous at this point. She has been in and out of courtrooms throughout her MTV career. From actual criminal charges to custody battles over two of her three children, Evans is no stranger to hiring attorneys and talking to judges. Yesterday, she was met in court by her mother, Barbara Evans. The two are battling over who should continue to raise Jenelle's first-born son, Jace. He's been with Barbara for most of his life, with his mom signing custody over to his grandma several years ago to avoid losing him for good.

How did Jenelle make out in court?

This time, things didn't go the way Jenelle Evans thought they should.

A trial was supposed to happen to determine whether or not she was stable enough to get full custody of Jace. She has been seeing him on and off for quite some time now but is often frustrated when Barbara Evans doesn't allow her to do what she wants in regards to visitation. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jenelle and Barbara worked out a joint custody agreement through mediation instead of actually going through with a trial. This is probably a good thing for Jenelle because it gives her time to get her life completely in order before Jace goes to live with her full-time.

"Teen Mom 2" fans are torn over their thoughts regarding the decision for Jenelle and Barbara to share custody. There is relief because many believe Jace is better off with his grandmother in the place where he's grown up all of his life.

Others are upset because Jenelle has been raising her second son, Kaiser, almost completely alone and has done a decent job. Her relationship with Nathan Griffith played out on "Teen Mom 2" and it wasn't the best. The two split up and now, she is engaged to her third baby daddy, David Eason.

The future of Jenelle Evans

Right now, she is busy planning her wedding to David Eason.

The couple welcomed their first child together earlier this year. Ensley is baby number three for Evans and also her only daughter. It is likely that the custody arrangement between Jenelle and Barbara will remain in place for a while in order for a stable environment to be established. That is going to be key in convincing the judge to allow Evans to get full custody of her son over her mother.

There is hope that the mother and daughter can reconcile their relationship down the road. Barbara was there when Jenelle needed her the most, and one day, maybe she will realize that. For now, "Teen Mom 2" will document their journey.

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