Kathy Griffin had a serious taste of her own medicine after losing her assignment to appear on CNN's New Year's Eve program over her controversial photo which targeted the US president. In the said imagery, the comedian was holding up an effigy of Donald Trump's decapitated and bloody head.

The TV personality personally uploaded the photo on her social media account which immediately caught the attention of the public and media. Both supporters and detractors of the #POTUS were appalled when they saw Griffin's depiction of the leader in the "disgusting" image.

Similarly, several personalities and politicians have expressed their condemnation of the act and slammed the comedian for attacking the president. Griffin, on the other hand, offered her sincerest apologies after causing outrage among the public. In a video message, the "Suddenly Susan" actress acknowledged she has crossed the line for coming up with such idea.

Griffin is 'sick' for gory depiction

Shortly after the comedian uploaded her video apology, the subject of her controversial photo shoot session with Tyler Shields spoke up to slam Griffin for placing his family in a difficult situation. Donald specifically mentioned his 11-year-old son, Barron, whom he said was greatly affected of the viral photo.

In another tweet, the US leader said he is not buying Griffin's apology. Melania, on the other hand, questioned the mental health of the comedian for her gory depiction of the president.

The first lady, just like most of the people who saw the image, described it "disturbing."

Griffin, out!

In the wake of the controversy, CNN has decided to terminate their deal with Griffin who used to host the network's New Year's Even program along with Anderson Cooper. She first appeared on the program in 2007 and was immediately mired in controversy when she mentioned the "f" word on live broadcast.

Despite rumors that the comedian will be banned from the program and from the network in general, Griffin continued to co-host the annual year-end coverage of CNN since then. A spokesperson for the network said Griffin's photo with the decapitated head of Donald was just "disgusting and offensive."

Cooper, on the other hand, admitted he was "appalled" when he saw the photo and added that it was "completely wrong" for his co-host to do it. Before Griffin offered her apologies, the comedian said she was merely "mocking the Mocker in Chief," referring to the US president.