There has been a lot of drama going down with "Teen Mom OG" star Maci Bookout and her former boyfriend (and father to Bentley) in the past week concerning Ryan Edwards' alleged drug abuse issues.

Ryan Edwards' fiancee Mackenzie has harsh words for 'Teen Mom OG' stars

It now appears that Ryan's fiance Mackenzie Standifer's family is planning on holding an intervention for Edwards, with the hope of convincing him to seek treatment for his substance abuse issues. As previously reported, Maci Bookout opened up on last week's episode of the MTV reality series to her co-stars about her worries and concerns regarding Bentley's dad's drug use.

Maci Bookout reveals she wants the best for ex-Ryan Edwards and wants him to be healthy and happy

She revealed that she cries herself to sleep some nights thinking and worrying about his life and how his current choices will affect her son. Maci Bookout isn’t the only one in Ryan Edwards‘ corner amid his drug abuse allegations. Following this week's episode, Mackenzie took to Twitter, not to address her soon-to-be husband's problems, but to clap back at the "Teen Mom OG" girls and their public opinions, saying that maybe they "should not make assumptions and start praying for them instead."

Mackenzie's dad -- Bob Standifer Jr. -- recently spoke with Radar Online and said, “We’ll get together and talk about it. Mackenzie and Ryan are adults. I won’t talk without them present.

Anything that we talk about, we’re all going to sit down together.”

Mackenzie's dad described Ryan as a "great guy" and insisted he was very excited about Ryan becoming a part of their family. Maci Bookout told her reality star pals that she is so afraid Ryan will end up dead if he doesn't get help. The reality TV star also revealed that she is in Ryan's corner and wants nothing more than to see Ryan get healthy.

Now that Mackenzie's family has revealed that they are planning to stage a sit down with Ryan and offer their help, do you believe Maci will also confront Edwards?

Hopefully Ryan Edwards will soon get some input on things from his own parents. At this time Ryan, nor his parents, have commented on any of the latest drug allegations. Maci, however, seems to believe that Ryan and his family are all in denial over his addiction.

It is great that Maci has revealed that she is committed to helping Ryan get sober if he doesn't want to do it for himself. Hopefully he will do it for their 8-year-old son Bentley.

Mackenzie and Ryan are set to marry this coming November 18, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Hopefully Ryan will have worked past all of his demons well before then and can start a new, clean and sober life with his new wife.

Will Makenzie's family convince Ryan Edwards to go into treatment?

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