Chelsea has been a woman on a mission in her attempt to find her former best friend. Chloe killed Chelsea's husband Adam and has gone into hiding. Nick has been helping her without the knowledge of his father Victor -- who aided Chloe in her escape. On Friday Nick and Chelsea come close to getting the answers that they are looking for. And now, Chloe is in a compromising situation.

Chloe is back in action

Victor has Chloe hidden away at the home of a psychiatrist who keeps her under lock and key. Nick and Chelsea show up on the doorstep asking questions.

The good doctor stonewalls them and sends the duo away. Later, he talks to Nick on the phone and when he turns around Chloe raises a letter opener and attempts to stab him, so it looks like she is back in action.

On Monday the doctor talks her down. Chloe begins crying and insisting she would never do him any harm. Later, as the psychiatrist is meeting with Nick, Chelsea doubles back to his house where she finds Chloe on the floor.

"The Young and the Restless" often allows villains to get away for a while. Both Chloe and Victor have many sins to atone for. Chelsea should know better than to trust either one of them. Chole knocked Chelsea out at her wedding when she first made a run for it. Now it seems she herself is knocked out cold, but is it real?

Chelsea bends down and calls her friend's name. She has no idea if Chloe is in danger or is setting her up again.

Chloe always has a trick up her sleeve

Is Chloe going to spring up and hurt her former friend or is she really in trouble? Did Chloe try to take her own life, or did the doctor do something to her? Is Chelsea in danger or will she reach out to help the woman who blew up a cabin with her husband inside?

One thing is certain and that is that this situation is far from over. Victor's hands are dirty and there is a trail leading right to him. Nick told the doctor that Chloe murdered his brother and the physician was shocked because he did not know she had killed a man when he signed her release papers. If Ms. Mitchell is about to pay for her crimes then Victor may go down as well.

If she tries to run Chloe cannot get far without Victor's help, so her choices are limited. If this is the end of the line Chloe may tell Chelsea all. This will lead to Chelsea finding out that Victor was behind the events that led to her husband's death. She will know that Victor got Chloe out of the mental health facility when she was not ready. He allowed her to obtain freedom which she used to kill his own son. There are a lot of dots that will connect and the intrigue should keep loyal "Young and Restless" fans on the edge of their seats.