"Southern Charm" is back once again, and this means that it is time for Kathryn Dennis' issues to be revealed. She recently lost custody of her children, and now her ex-nanny is speaking out, saying that Kathryn didn't do a good job of taking care of her children at all.

Deidre Blair Politelli reveals all

Now everyone is really shocked about what Deidre, Kathryn's ex-nanny has to say now. She doesn't feel like Kathryn did a great job of taking care of her kids at all. She shared that Kathryn was going out all the time and wouldn't come home until 1 a.m.

or even as late as 5 a.m. sometimes. Of course, the nanny was the one there taking care of the kids while Kathryn Dennis was out having a good time.

Deidre even went far enough to say that her lifestyle interfered with the way that she was taking care of her children. She went on to say that the kids were taken to Thomas Ravenel's house and they would smell like smoke, not be bathed and even have matted hair. She shared that it was so bad that the children's hair had to be cut to get them out sometimes.

Right now, Thomas Ravenel is the one with custody of the children. Deidre and her daughter both testified in court, and that might have been part of what helped him to get custody of the kids.

Deidre's daughter even said that Kathryn told her she drank red wine and even took Adderall while she was pregnant. This is pretty shocking to everyone. So far, Kathryn isn't speaking out against the accusations.

Kathryn Dennis is back on "Southern Charm" again after saying she was leaving the show. She changed her mind and decided to come back again.

The fans are glad to have her back on the show because everyone knows that with Kathryn comes drama. Of course, drama on the show also means ratings for "Southern Charm."

Are you shocked about what Kathryn Dennis' ex-nanny has to say about the way she took care of her kids? Do you believe everything she had to say? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Southern Charm" on Monday nights on Bravo.