Jackie Christie's relationship with her oldest daughter Ta'Kari has been fractured for a very long time. Due to some drama over a GoFundMe page that was started for her by a friend last year, she has been dragged into the 'Basketball Wives" storyline for Season 6 because Evelyn Lozada made a huge donation to her. Now, Jackie has taken to Instagram to clear her name and instead, the often confusing reality star ended up leaving those who bothered to read it shaking their heads.

Jackie speaks out in confusing Instagram post

On Wednesday, after getting quite a bit of hate on social media from "Basketball Wives" fans, Jackie Christie posted on Instagram about how she was going to start being more open about her rocky relationship with her oldest daughter.

Well, really she said she was going to start sharing more about her life, blaming the current drama on "lies and propaganda." Read the entire post below.

Jackie Christie then doubled down on her promise to be "less private" as she was previously by posting a bunch of family pictures, many of which included her estranged daughter Ta'Kari. It's pretty easy to see that Jackie is trying to convince the world that she did raise Ta;Kari even though it has been reported over and over that the majority of Jackie's oldest daughter's life was spent with her grandmother, not her mother.

Soon after Jackie posted on Instagram about "lies and propaganda", Ta'Kari replied in the comments to call her on it.

"Lies and propaganda slander and extortion...all because I didn't ask her for help...with valid reason!!!" Ta'Kari wrote in the comments under her mother's post.

What is all the fuss about on 'Basketball Wives'

Last year, one of Ta'Kari Christie Lee's sons was burned in an accident at his daycare. Due to that, she was forced to take time off from work and take him to multiple doctor's appointments to treat the burns and make sure he was recovering.

A friend of Ta'Kari's saw that she was struggling and opened up a GoFundMe account for. Remember, you can see who actually opens the fundraiser on the page and it wasn't Jackie's daughter like she is claiming. It was her friend.

The press learned about Jackie Christie's grandson's injuries because of the GoFundMe and began reporting on it, noting the lack of a relationship between Ta'Kari and Jackie.

Naturally, an outpouring of support for Ta'Kari and her son came in and so did a lot of donations and the GoFundMe ended up bringing in well above the amount they were originally aiming for.

There were two major contributors to Ta"Kari's GoFundMe for her son, Matt Barnes and current "Basketball WIves" star Evelyn Lozada. Jackie Christie hasn't asked Matt why he bothered to donate even though his contribution came first.

Instead, Jackie Christie has been upset with Evelyn Lozada for donating to Ta'Kari Christie and it's been a major storyline on Season 6 of "Basketball WIves." During one confrontation, Jackie even suggested that Evelyn could have helped someone who really needed it even though she never donated or even contacted her oldest child to see if she needed help.

Jackie Christie is still beefing with both Evelyn Lozada and Ta'Kari Christie Lee about the GoFundMe account among other things this season. Meanwhile, she's also been apologizing to and kissing up heavily to Tami Roman, who is also mad at her for not fighting with Evelyn as hard as Tami would have liked. All of those apologoes to Tami have many "Basketball Wives" fans wondering why Jackie is working so hard to keep the peace on the VH1 reality show but can't be bothered to apologize to her oldest daughter for not helping her in her time of need and then turning the whole ordeal into a "Basketball Wives" storyline.