The rumors have been flying for a bit that Jana Duggar is courting Jonathan Hartono. He is a long-time family friend, and everyone would love to know that Jana has found love. She is the oldest Duggar daughter that is still single and looking for love. Jana has been very honest about the fact she won't just settle for any guy and is waiting on the right one to start courting. The thing is so far she isn't speaking out about it. Now Jonathan has done something that makes fans really suspicious about what is going on.

Jonathan makes his Instagram private

When the rumors first started flying, Jonathan Hartono had a public Instagram, and the fans could see all of his pictures. They were looking all over it trying to find clues about if he might be courting Jana Duggar or not. He did have pictures up with the Duggar family but didn't really share any details about if he would ever date one of them. Of course, some people were commenting and then taking his picture to share all over showing who he was and a bit about him.

Now, Jonathan has made a big change and made his Instagram private. Now, if you go to his page, all that you can see is his main picture and a few details about him. It shows a selfie of him in a tux along with how many followers he has and how many people he follows.

That is all that you can see right now about Jonathan. The fans really want to see more, but he isn't showing it. Now if it is revealed that he is really courting Jana then he might decide to open it back up and start talking to the fans.

More info about Jonathan

A bit of information about Jonathan has slowly been coming out.

He has been friends with the Duggars for a while and recently a picture of him came out that showed him having some one on one time with Jim Bob Duggar. A lot of people feel like they might have been talking about courting and if Jim Bob would give him permission or not. He has a sister that is also close to the Duggar family.

He seems like someone that Jim Bob might approve of, but you never know. Jana has known him a while so if he is someone she is going to court than he has been right in front of her for a long time and she didn't even know it.

Are you surprised that Jonathan Hartono made his Instagram private? Do you think that was a smart decision? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when they return to TLC on June 12. If Jana Duggar is courting, you know that this is when she will decide to reveal it to the world.

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