Fans have been wondering for a long time when Jana Duggar would start courting. Boys have asked before, but she was waiting on the right one to come along. Now it looks like Jana may have found her guy, but if so she isn't admitting it just yet. The rumors have been flying this week that Jana Duggar found love.

Who is the new guy Jana is allegedly dating?

Radar Online was able to get a lot of details about the guy that everyone thinks Jana is courting. Reports are that Jana could be courting Jonathan Hartono after he was spotted spending some one on one time with Jim Bob Duggar.

A family insider is sharing some details about their relationship. The source said, "Jonathan and his sister often stayed with the Duggars during breaks from school in the summer and over holidays. He was always over their house. The Duggars watched over him like family."

This would make it easy for Jana and Jonathan to start courting if they had feelings for each other. Jim Bob Duggar would already know him and feel comfortable with him. The source even said that Jonathan is so cool that he makes a great match for Jana Duggar. He has been friends with the Duggar Family since at least 2014, so it isn't like he just met her. It may have taken the couple a while to decide that they wanted to be more than just friends.

Is Jonathan Hartono Jana Duggar's type?

The source did share one other thing, and that is that Jonathan Hartono might not really be Jana Duggar's type. She is normally into the cowboy type. Jana has shared on the show before that she likes a guy who isn't afraid to get some dirt under his nails. It may not matter if he is her type, though.

Jana just wanted the right guy and didn't want to just settle for anyone. It might have just taken her a bit to realize he was right in front of her face.

Jonathan has attended weddings with the Duggar family and even gone to sporting events with Ben and Jessa Seewald. It looks like the entire family already knows him pretty well.

This will make it easier on them. Joy-Anna Duggar is dating someone like that as well considering she has known Austin and been friends with him for a while now.

Do you think that Jana Duggar has found love? Do you feel like they are a great match? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when it starts to air again on June 12 on TLC. If Jana Duggar is courting, you know that all of the details will come out in this new season. That is when they always make their big announcements to the fans.