On Friday’s "#TheOriginals" episode, two familiar faces made an unexpected comeback in New Orleans. Known to fans as conniving characters, both returns with two different agendas.

Welcome old pals...

First, Davina, the one who has introduced Klaus and Hayley to the ancestral realm for a little history lesson on the Hollow. She has also made clear in the past that she's the only one standing between them and the Hollow. As per the Hollow, their history is being slowly revealed throughout the series where their roots trace back to the werewolves.

The reason why Davina returned to New Orleans has been revealed.

Her main intention is to sacrifice Klaus in order to bind the Hollow. Meanwhile, the only one to stop her wrath is Hope Mikaelson who is currently in training during the episode 8.

Secondly, Alaric Saltzman made an unannounced visit where he is last seen during "The Vampire Diaries" series finale. His return remains puzzling since he openly expressed that he has already retired in fighting. Her noticeable connection with Hope triggers another theory that he might be up for something good this time in the Season 4.

Previously on "The Originals” Season 4:

The pseudo-alliance between Vincent and the Mikaelsons has passed the tests already. However, this blooming relationship may be short-lived when a member of the Hollow’s followers dangled a carrot in front of Elijah’s face.

Klaus has staged a party which everyone predicted to be the next venue for bloodshed as the series goes through another challenging phase. While Klaus tries his best to host the party and remain unnoticed, Vincent has been scanning through the New Orleans’ history books for murder with Elijah.

The same event is happening in “The Originals” and that is what their clan needs to find in order to prepare and plan their next move.

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In his research, Vincent has found out that Hollows come out every few years and convince people to commit evil deeds in a cluster of fours.

Adding salt to the wound, Vincent is unhappy with Klaus and Elijah because they have kidnapped Marcel. The duo hid him in an undisclosed location. However, Vincent is left without a choice but fill in Elijah because of the dangers posed by the Hollows.

Saving Klaus and Marcel is Vincent’s best option at the moment. If he fails to do so, “The Originals” will be wrecked in havoc and bloody hell when the Hollow succeeded in absorbing its desired powers. It will eventually transform into a physical form which is the most powerful enemy they could not match.