Bon Jovi frontman Jon Bon Jovi has been forced to postpone the "This House Is Not For Sale" Madison Square Garden tour dates for April 7th and 8th due to illness. According to Billboard Jon's decision to postpone the concerts is based on his doctor's advice.

Bon Jovi fans disappointed but understanding.

As previously reported, Jon was feeling very sick during his April 4th show in Pittsburgh and after attempting to rally through the concert Bon Jovi apologized to fans before ending the normally two and one-half hour concert after ninety minutes.

Dedicated fans immediately took to the social media on Wednesday night following the news of JBJ's illness tweeting well wishes and words of understanding to the popular frontman.

'This House Is Not For Sale' tour dates rescheduled.

However, some music news reviewers were not as kind with their opinions on the band's performance calling the singer's performance weak, and overrated by fans, adding that they believe the singer had lost his touch for performing. Fans did not react too kindly to the unkind words hurled at their beloved band many vowing their love and devotion to Jon and the guys regardless of the reviews.

Jon has been fighting a bad case bronchitis since the weekend. A spokesperson for the band made the announcement stating,

"The decision was difficult to make, but made in the interest of delivering the full, powerhouse performance for which Bon Jovi is known," according to a band spokesperson.

In more than 30-years it there has been only a small handful of occasions that the band has postponed a show. So fans know that if the show was postponed then it is because of a serious matter, namely the frontman's health.

Problems with singer's voices are not uncommon, especially one that works as hard as JBJ's does. Jon has had issues with his voice from time to time over the years, but in this matter, it is not the case.

The singer is simply just sick, and needs a few extra days to recover from his illness.

Even back in 2013 when former lead guitarist Richie Sambora left the band in a lurch during their "Because We Can" tour the guys rallied on thanks to the quick and eager to help guitarist Phil X, who since has become a permanent member of the band successfully filling the void left by Sambora with his own unique style and personality. Fans with tickets for the Madison Square Garden concerts will be honored on April 13th and 15th.

Get well soon Jon Bon Jovi, your fans will be waiting for your return.