Stephen Colbert has been sitting comfortably as the new King of Late Night for most of 2017, and as political humor reigns over the comedy world, he plans to call in some favors from his former "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" colleagues. Or, perhaps share with them the "Colbert Bump." Fans who have been missing the Comedy Central hit since Stewart retired in 2015 are going to want to set their DVRs for "The Late Show" on May 9th for a very special episode.

Some of the series' most famous correspondents to appear

In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, "The Late Show" announced that Jon Stewart would be making an appearance on the episode, along with several of the correspondents who helped make his show a hit during its nearly 16-year run.

Colbert found his start in mainstream television on Stewart's show before beginning his own long-running series on Comedy Central.

Scheduled to appear alongside Stewart and Colbert on May 9th are: Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Ed Helms, and Rob Corddry.

Both Bee and Oliver have gone on to host their own successful late night shows, TBS' "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee" and HBO's "Last Week Tonight," respectively. Both shows offer a unique perspective on current events and politics, and create highly viral content each week. Bee also hosted a "Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner" event in Washington, D.C. last Saturday that seemed to garner more media attention and star power than the actual Correspondents' Dinner that same night.

Both Helms and Corddry left "The Daily Show" to become Hollywood actors. Since then, Helms has starred in hits such as NBC's "The Office" and "The Hangover" film franchise. Corddry is the creator and star of Adult Swim's quirky cult hit, "Children's Hospital."

Meanwhile, Stewart has been staying out of the spotlight, working with his wife at their farm sanctuary in upstate New Jersey.

He reportedly has a new show in development at HBO, which he is expected to produce.

Trump supporters call for boycott after Colbert made joke on Monday

News of a "Daily Show" reunion to occur on "The Late Show" came amid calls for Colbert to be removed as the host of his show, and could be seen as a sign that CBS will not be listening to Trump supporters behind the online campaign.

During Monday night's monologue, Colbert spent much of his time discussing the alleged relationship between President Trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin, which has become a common topic on "The Late Show" since the election in January. However, some feel that Colbert may have overstepped the boundaries of what is appropriate when he made a joke about the pair engaging in oral sex.

On Wednesday morning, a website based on the now-trending Twitter hashtag "FireColbert" emerged with calls for viewers to boycott Colbert's late night show until he is removed as host. While the hashtag has more than 150,000 posts in just the past 24 hours, some commenters, like Fox News' conservative pundit Sean Hannity, feel the the host was merely expressing his right to free speech.

Neither CBS nor Colbert made any comment about the backlash or threats to boycott "The Late Show." As the show's demographic seems to skew in an older, male, liberal direction, it is difficult to say if such threats will have any direct impact on the show's ratings or advertisers at this time.

The segment can be viewed below: