The starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino may not be getting the best reviews from tasters around the country, but it has proved popular on Instagram -- a search of the hashtag: "UnicornFrappuccino" reveals more than 120,000 photos of the drink from users on the social media platform. On Friday night's episode of "The Late Show," host Stephen Colbert joins the craze sweeping millennials, tasting the drink during his opening monologue. His review was swift and merciless.

Describes the color of drink to be 'tumor.'

After joking that Starbucks had only settled on the name of the drink when "'Sugary Affront to God' was taken," Colbert eyed up the bright pink and blue beverage and noted the color to be "tumor." After tasting what the company developed to be a "made to be Instagrammed" beverage, his review was nothing short of honest.

"I wish I was dead," he said to the cheers of the in-studio audience.

The top-rated late night host also poked fun at the short list of "ingredients" Starbucks was using to promote the drink, saying, "that's all your food groups right there: Mango, pink, blue, and obviously, topping." After pausing for laughter, he added, "The FDA recommends at least three servings of 'topping' per day."

Colbert ended the segment by warning viewers that the limited edition drink is only available until April 23rd and invited them to try it for themselves... or not.

"So, hurry?" was all he had to say about recommending the Unicorn Frappuccino before it disappears.

Colbert's star continues to climb

While the host may be giving the "Colbert bump" to Starbucks' latest creation, it's clear that he's doing just fine for himself.

Colbert and his "The Late Show" team have gotten off to a tremendous start, topping all other shows in the late night ratings and besting "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" by an average of more than 260,000 viewers per night in the first quarter of 2017.

The new-found success of the revamped "Late Show" has not gone unnoticed by the other leading media outlets either.

Colbert was recently named one of the "35 most influential people in media" by The Hollywood Reporter and was featured on that issue's cover. The comedian is pictured strolling barefoot down Broadway over the headline proclaiming "Colbert's Comeback."

When he's not trying the latest fad drink, or lambasting the President, on his show, Colbert has also been busy working on a book, his first based on his CBS show. Borrowing heavily from a regular segment of the same name, "Midnight Confessions" will be available September 5th.