It was a tumultuous year in Hollywood in 2017 with the #MeToo campaign marking the end of several high-profile male careers. This explains why over 300 women in the entertainment industry signed onto the Time's Up initiative, which had its red carpet debut at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards.

The vast majority of attendees to the show, which kicked off the award season, had publicly announced they would be wearing black instead of more gaudy gowns, to draw attention to the cause and many of them made good on that promise. (E! Network and other major on-carpet media also refrained from asking what stars were wearing, instead choosing to inquire why each actor had chosen to wear black to the event.)

Unfortunately, a few actresses seemed to have missed the message on Sunday night.

Whether their gown selections were already in place ahead of the planned red carpet "blackout" announcement, or the result of a rumored shortfall of black dresses among Hollywood stylists remains to be heard. Either way, these actresses stood out on the carpet, for all the wrong reasons.

Bianca Blanco

Actress Bianca Blanco had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction at the 2017 Oscars when she discovered too late that the slit of her dress showed more than she had intended, to the wall of photographers on the red carpet. However, she didn't let that stop her from wearing a revealing red gown to this year's Globes. Viewers on Twitter were displeased with both her choice of dress as well as the color.

Barbara Meier

German model Barbara Meier wrote about her style decision on Instagram prior to the awards.

Posted in both English and German, she explained that she felt women had been restricted in their choices for far too long and that fashion should be an outlet for expression. Writing about her solidarity with the Time's Up initiative, she added, "[w]e should not have to wear black to be taken serious."

Meher Tatna

The president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Meher Tatna, took to the stage during the telecast to discuss the importance of the HFPA, (who organizes the Golden Globe awards,) in maintaining a fair and balanced media for outlets outside the U.S.

Tatna was also one of only a handful of people in the room not wearing black to the event. However, in an interview with The Wrap prior to the show, it was explained that she had chosen a red dress with her mother because in India, where Tatna was born, red is a traditional color worn to celebratory events. She has been an ardent and outspoken supporter of the Time's Up campaign. Her outfit even received a stamp of approval from S. Mitra Kalita, CNN's VP of Programming.

Launched officially on January 1, 2018, Time's Up is a collective of actresses, producers, directors, writers, and other women across Hollywood attempting to act in solidarity with domestic workers across the country by starting a multi-million dollar legal defense fund to fight discrimination in the workplace. They hope to draw attention to the all-too-common plight of sexual and physical harassment.