Jessa Duggar has been making headlines in recent weeks for her seminar on dressing modestly. The entire Duggar Family attends Christian-based conferences across the country. Most recently, they were in Texas for a week. Jessa is married with two young sons so her time is highly valuable. She was tapped to give an address at an event in Ohio which caters to young women and girls, with men being banned from attending. Little girls under the age of 10 were also prohibited.

"Fashionably Modest" speech by Jessa Duggar

The address in Ohio titled, "Fashionably Modest" has garnered a lot of attention for Jessa Duggar.

The critics have been out in full force, making comments that aren't very nice. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jessa Duggar is being called a hypocrite for talking about modest clothing when she has been seen in form-fitting clothing on several occasions. Some of the shirts she wears have hugged her body, especially when she was pregnant. This has become a hot topic, especially because the Duggar family is believed to be following the Quiverfull movement. If that is the case, Jessa could be inviting the wandering eye of a man to look at her, even if she is pregnant.

Earlier this year, Jessa Duggar gave birth to her second son. It is expected that his birth will be part of the new season of "Counting On" which returns in just over a month.

Because of the fame being on reality television has provided for the Duggar family, they make a lot of money for things they endorse. The older Duggar daughters, including Jessa, wrote a book and did a tour across the country a few years ago. While it is often noted that the ladies and their husband's don't work (except for Jeremy Vuolo who is a pastor in Texas), they make money from the show and also for anything else they choose to do with their spare time.

More events in Jessa's future

Despite the heavy criticism, Jessa Duggar will likely do more events in the future. She was previously speaking at different conferences but once the scandal with Josh Duggar broke in 2015, the entire family stayed out of the public eye for several months. Speeches and appearances were canceled due to the fact that everything was still fresh with the public's anger, and there were potential safety issues. Ben Seewald supports his wife and her choices. He is one of the most liberal people associated with the Duggar family and it is widely believed that Jessa calls all the shots.