Jana Duggar is often talked about because of her relationship status. She is the oldest female child and has not yet entered into a courtship. This has raised some concern for critics but fans know that Jana is just waiting for the right suitor to come along and sweep her off her feet. There have been a few names mentioned, including tim tebow. As of now though, Duggar is still single.

Courting rumors swirl for Jana Duggar

There are constantly Rumors surrounding who Jana Duggar is courting at any given time. For several years fans believed she may end up with Lawson Bates.

He is the son of good friends of the Duggar family. The Bates family has a show similar to what "19 Kids and Counting" was but it airs on the UP network. A few weeks ago, it was confirmed that Jana and Lawson would never be courting, and the rumors have subsided for the most part.

According to In Touch Weekly, "Counting On" fans really want to see Jana Duggar paired with Tim Tebow. He has been a part of the rumors for a few years now. Michelle Duggar met Tebow's mom at a conference and from there the rumors spread like wildfire. There are no intentions to get the two together at all. Duggar has admitted to being asked to court but has turned the offers down because she did not feel lead to accept them.

Jana is always picked on

There have been some questions about why Jana Duggar chooses to remain single and at home. Her sexuality has been questioned, though many believe she is just content in her life right now. There are several male Duggars who are of age and have not started courtships. Jana's twin, John David is not criticized at all yet he has not found anyone to court yet.

There are also a few of the other boys who could begin courting, one who is courting and other who began a courtship but ended it after only three months. Jana is always a bridesmaid, never the bride.

Fans are happy with any path that Jana Duggar chooses to take, but they wish she would find a man who is worthy of her. She has emerged as one of the prettier girls in the bunch, yet remains the oldest daughter at home.

Once Joy-Anna marries Austin Forsyth this year, Jana's next sister is over a decade younger. She will have plenty of things to do around the home to keep busy. Duggar seems content in the life she is leading and doesn't seem to be jumping the gun before she is ready. Jana enjoys spending time with her younger siblings and being in the kitchen helping to prepare meals for her family.