Josh Duggar is a sore thumb among the other children raised by Jim Bob and Michelle. His fall from grace happened when it was revealed that he molested several of his sisters and another family friend when he was a teenager. When the news broke, people were quick to crucify him. A few months later, Josh Duggar was caught in the middle of the Ashley Madison hack. It was revealed that he had two separate accounts with the cheating site, and had attempted to stray from his very loyal and devoted wife, Anna Duggar.

Josh Duggar appears to be living back at home

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Josh Duggar is reportedly living back at the Duggar compound with his wife and kids. Anna Duggar lived with the family while Josh was seeking help in Illinois at a treatment facility. It is believed now that they moved back home with the family to keep things under control and to assure Josh stays on the right path. Jana appears to be helping Anna with the kids as photos of her surfaced with Meredith, the little girl who was born to Josh and Anna during the 2015 scandals.

Details of the type of treatment Josh Duggar received has been slowly leaking to the press. He is reportedly still in counseling for sex addiction.

This isn't incredibly shocking because many believe his problems were far worse than ever reported. Anna Duggar did not have any sexual relations with Josh for nearly a year after the scandals broke. This is a bit odd for some to take in, especially because that means she got pregnant with her fifth child almost immediately.

The couple is due at some point this summer with another little Duggar boy.

Will Josh Duggar ever fade away?

Many fans have been voicing their concern over what they believe to be a witch hunt over what he did in the past. Josh Duggar is appearing disheveled and depressed in the recent photos that have made it to social media.

This constant battle of defending himself and running into critics daily has taken a toll on his mind and body. There is concern that Josh and Anna are living with the Duggar in the family home because he can't even help her with the children. While that seems a bit far-fetched because the men typically don't handle the children anyway, it does seem that there is more happening than meets the eye.

Because TLC will not allow Josh Duggar to appear on the family show, "Counting On," everything about him is speculation. He has been removed from the spotlight and will never return as long as the family continues business with the TLC network.